Gift Guide 2011 #9: More Random Picks

Steve took the day off from work to help me shop for his parents and the boys. It’s always nice when he knows what is wrapped up under the tree. This morning, we hit Barnes and Noble, Sports Authority, Macy’s, Chico’s, Pandora, Payless, and the Gap. And now I hate all of humanity.

Here are some things that I touched while out this morning: HEXBUG, Mad Libs, Puzzle Balls, e-Readers, wrist heart monitor (for Steve’s dad), water bottles (Jonah leaves them on the side of soccer fields all the time. Arg.), running shirts for me, Hacky Sacks, hoodies, Ski gloves, art work, National Geographic maps, and Monopoly: Electric Banking Edition.

I need to purge myself of all this hedonism at the gym. Ta-ta.

6 thoughts on “Gift Guide 2011 #9: More Random Picks

  1. Overwrought sentences from a history book Steve didn’t recommend:
    “Two billion years ago, the earth was cooling after its violent birth. Radioactive material had sunk and compressed to form the earth’s heavy core, along with vast deposits of iron oxide, leaving only traces that would be used to make the Grande Armée’s muskets.”
    From Stephan Talty’s The Illustrious Dead: The Terrifying Story of How Typhus Killed Napoleon’s Greatest Army.


  2. We love that puzzle ball (the earth globe). It was hours of fun for the puzzlers in our family and we got a really lovely globe out of it.


  3. “..leaving only traces…” my understanding is that most of the iron sank, and the iron which we used for the industrial revolution came from later comets/asteroid/meteor showers. So, bad history!
    Our strategy on lost water bottles is buying bottled water and refilling any plastic soda bottles we have on hand.


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