Kids and Art

We take the kids to art museums quite often. We go not because it's good for them, but because I love being around art. I don't care if they are swooning with boredom on a bench. As long as they are quiet and I can get an hour to look at stuff, we're good. I'll buy them a notepad in the gift store as a reward. 

It is, of course, better if they have fun, too. So, we were quite pleased to stumble upon the kiddie art room at MOMA.


 Ian spent 30 minutes playing with a beta version of an art program that let him use a paintbrush on the screen. He could blend wet paint color or "dry" the paint. 


Jonah made a chair out of cardboard and string.

We all came home inspired to make projects at home. 


4 thoughts on “Kids and Art

  1. We have had fabulous luck with the kids at art museums. We just go into it with lower expectations about how much time we can spend. We also tend to go at the end of the day.
    Also, modern art >> classical art. Going to a modern art museum with kids and having them tell you what they think the art means is really fun. Exception (though this is kind of modern art): the kids loved Musee d’Orsay, mainly because Vincent Van Gogh was in an episode of Doctor Who, and they got to see the painting that was mentioned.
    My Greek-mythology-loving daughter also had a blast at the British Museum and the Louvre looking at statues representing the gods.

  2. I have taken my six year old to museums since she had her first NYC trip at 5 months of age. We don’t have the family to leave her behind so if Mike and I want to see art, she’s coming with us.
    Have you ever done the family/kid tours at the Whitney? They are pitched at different age ranges and excellent. Don’t know if Ian and Jonah would be into them but they are thoughtful and interesting while avoiding being dumbed down too much.
    Have always wanted to check out the MOMA art room with my daughter – next trip to NYC will be a family trip. There’s also the Children’s Museum of the Arts that has recently moved and expanded – lots of hands on activities for drop ins.

  3. Our kids have been to art museums since they were newborns. They each come armed with a sketchpad and sharpened pencils, and they draw their own interpretations. I recently took a photo of my three year old on the floor of a museum in front of a Picasso, drawing what she saw. It kept her busy enough for us to read the caption!

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