High Line Plants

PlantsAs I watching this interview with some fashion insider, I was completely distracted by the lovely plants at the Highline Park.

The Highline website lists their plants and the flowering guides. I can't wait to rip up the overgrown azaleas in our front yard and put in some new plantings. Spring, where are you? 


2 thoughts on “High Line Plants

  1. The stunning venue responsible for the most amazing setting for our shoot was Pendell House, in Bletchingley, Surrey. I visited Pendell House some months ago and loved its relaxed intimate atmosphere. Once the inspiration and colours were sorted for our shoot I thought of Pendell House as its decor suited the design perfectly. Pendell House is the quintessential English Manor House, with elaborate yet cosy rooms and its pretty secluded grounds, it was the perfect venue…”

  2. Wednesday, things got a bit competitive as Gayle & Audrey and Kristin & KellyAnn were timed to see which team could set up a tent the fastest. Kristin and KellyAnn set their tent up like true boy scouts, while Gayle and Audrey (who kicked off her heels!) also set theirs up in record time.

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