Everyone in my family is good at reading maps. Except for me. Whatever vestigial map reading skills that I possessed have atrophied, because they are all so good at it.


6 thoughts on “Maps

  1. I believe there are two kinds of people in the world, with incompatible world views: those who set their GPS so that “Up” is “North,” and those who set their GPS so that is “Up” is “The Direction I Am Currently Going.”

  2. Folks who prefer an absolute frame of reference v people who prefer a relative frame of reference?
    Are there really people who set their GPS’s to “N”=up? And, if there really are two kinds of people, does their mapping preference translate into life? Is the second group more egocentric? The first more authoritarian?

  3. What about the third category: people who don’t use GPS because they’ve memorized maps. 🙂
    I got my husband a GPS for his birthday last year. He loves it. But I never use it except in unusual situations.

  4. I ALWAYS use Up=North on my car GPS. It doesn’t make sense to me the other way. I see the streets on the map, I turn left, and suddenly the entire world has rotated 90 degrees! Nothing is where it was before! It makes me completely lost.
    I can’t understand how it could be easier to pretend that the entire world is spinning around.

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