Birthday Pictures

Sorting through the pictures on my computer, it's clear that the vast majority of my pictures are taken during birthday parties. There's nothing wrong with birthday party pictures. This one shows how comfortable my boys are with their cousins. There's the commentary from the girls on Jonah's presents. Jonah is completely laid back, as his little brother opens his gifts for him. Everybody is chowing down on chocolate pudding cake from Shop Rite. Still, there a lot of living that happens between birthday. I have to remember to take more pictures.

I still can't believe that Steve spent so much money on this shirt for Jonah. Messi!




6 thoughts on “Birthday Pictures

  1. In ours that our kids are always performing somewhere (plays, sports, tournaments, culture fests, concerts, . . . . They do do a lot of that kind of stuff, but not all the time.
    Clearly my tendency is to take pictures at events that I’m not in charge of organizing (so we actually don’t have lots of b-day party shots).
    My resolution this summer is to take more pictures of the kids just being, and I’m even looking for a smaller camera to carry around for that purpose. The iPhone camera is quite good, and can be well used for documenting, but I really want a zoom.
    And, I am in incredibly sucker for having this record of my kids life. I do look back at it, and so do the kids. My daughter just finished 5 years at her current school, and everyone stares at my screen when the screensaver cycles through the pictures of the babies her classmates used to be in K, and the pre-teens they are rapidly becoming now.

  2. I almost never take pictures. My husband does, and the kids each have a digital camera. When we do our big Thanksgiving photobook project (for Christmas presents), my husband adds the kids’ photos into the mix that we pick through. All too often, when grownups take pictures of kids, we’re doing it from the wrong angle, so we get a lot of tops of heads. The kids, however, do a much better job of capturing each other’s faces. My youngest also likes photographing his LEGO and block projects before demolishing them (which was very handy when we once needed to submit a portfolio of work). The kids like the camera’s video function a lot, and we once found a video tour of the neighborhood on my daughter’s camera, shot from the back seat. She also once did a sort of video puppet show shot with her camera.
    I should mention that my oldest (almost 9) has broken her camera at least twice. My husband was able to fix it once (with parts paid for by C herself).

  3. My husband is a photographer, so I never take pics of anything but my garden, and that’s only to show my mom (who can’t visit and see it for herself).

  4. They are both in desperate need of haircuts. That will happen in that week before camp, along with a bazillion doctor’s appointments.

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