Kai Bai Bo

50513_112568635428251_3250164_n In this area of Jersey, we have the highest concentration of Koreans outside of Seoul. I'll have to take pictures of the Korean barbecue restaurants. In the meantime, you can all learn how to play Kai Bai Bo. We used to have championship contests in college. Playing Kai Bai Bo after an evening at the pub is even better. 


4 thoughts on “Kai Bai Bo

  1. Even more Korean Americans than in Annandale, VA, Laura? That’s where we always went to buy kimchee and get Korean bbq while I was in graduate school. Impressive. Maybe we will have to stop by when we’re nearby!
    Incidentally, the single largest Korean strip mall/grocery store I’ve seen outside South Korea is in Dallas, TX. That really surprised me, but perhaps it shouldn’t have.

  2. my kids grew up playing kai bai bo. we lived in seoul from #2’s first birthday to his second. more recently we lived in tokyo for 3 years so now they play it in japanese.

  3. Concentration, I’m willing to give you (sprawl)… but more total than are in Los Angeles? (Where the housing discrimination suits are Korean versus Latino.

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