Kitchen Quiz 5

GRK192VF_editA couple of months ago, I took Ian to a friend's house for a birthday party. I was stunned to see this machine in the kitchen. It was about the size of industrial sized washing machine and dominated the suburban kitchen.

What is it? 


15 thoughts on “Kitchen Quiz 5

  1. My mom used to buy half a cow when I was little. She eventually got tired of figuring out what to do with the funny parts and went back to the regular butcher.

  2. I try hard not to judge, but did you all see the price on that thing?! Look, I’m a lady who likes nice pair of shoes and airline tickets, but $1,200+ on a Kimchi frig??? (I live in less than 500 square feet, so a luxury like this is really just that a luxury.) Wow. I hope it makes the owners very happy. I never knew a regular frig couldn’t properly maintain the “correct” temperature.

  3. “I never knew a regular frig couldn’t properly maintain the “correct” temperature.”
    I suspect odor containment is an important factor. Plus, the temperature control is used for actually fermenting the stuff, not just storing it.

  4. Here’s a snip from a long, lyrical post on Korean food:
    “And before you start baulking at the sheer volume of food, Korean food is healthy stuff. This is the home of kimchi, a fermented vegetable dish that no Korean meal would be without. Heralded as one of the world’s healthiest foods, there are more than 200 types, loaded with A, B and C vitamins, and bursting with healthy bacteria called lactobacilli.”

  5. Inspired by here, I ate bulgogi for the first time today. Also, kimchi. The first was great the second not bad. The pickled bean sprouts were not my thing.

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