Putting the Camp Back in the Boy Scouts

DSC_0038See that studly man in the knee socks? That's my man. Smooch!

The last time that he marched in the Memorial Day parade was probably about thirty years ago. He may have taken it a bit too far on Monday. 

Yep, it's been thirteen years together. We're leaving Jonah in charge for an hour tonight and slipping around the corner for a quickie dinner of sushi to celebrate our anniversary. 

When we got married 13 years ago in Mount Carmel chapel, did I ever imagine that I would marry a man that wore folded knee socks and shorts? No, I did not. 


12 thoughts on “Putting the Camp Back in the Boy Scouts

  1. I only have one pair of Scout pants, but they’re the kind where you can remove the lower half of the leg with a hidden zipper, giving you formal Court of Honor pants as well as color-appropriate shorts for hiking trips. I can’t quite tell, but it’s possible the fellow marching beside Steve has a pair. I think they’re awesome.
    Good for Steve! I think everyone should support civic groups and their local civil religion. And good for both of you! Thirteen years is a fine accomplishment. Happy anniversary!

  2. RAF, I’d managed to repress the knowledge that those pants existed. It’s like a vest with zipper-off sleaves, except somehow much worse.

  3. Congrats! We celebrated our 19th yesterday. We don’t usually exchange gifts, but I got him tickets to see Book of Mormon in a few months, near to when his birthday is.

  4. Congratulations! We had our 17th last fall. I have never been a Scout leader, but I did spend quite a few weekends as a soccer referee, which involves somewhat similar attire, though with higher socks and shorter shorts.

  5. 23 years for us, but we couldn’t duck out and leave the older one in charge of the younger yet. She’d love it though.

  6. Congratulations on the anniversary! It’s also 13 years for us this year. I’m not sure at what point I realized that I had married a guy who owned two dozen white shirts. (It’s a math thing.) We’ve since moved on together to the exciting world of colored dress shirts.
    How do you feel about those pants where you can roll up the cuffs, button them, and turn them into shorts? Is that better or worse than zip-offs?

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