Wave Hill #1

DSC_0061  Steve and Jonah were gone all weekend for a Boy Scouting canoe trip, so Ian and I were on our own. I took Ian to Wave Hill in the Bronx. 

Wave Hill is a 28 acre park overlooking the Hudson. There are some old mansions on the property, green houses and herb gardens. The locals bring their Times to read on the lawn. It's lovely and not well known. Admission was free that day, and parking was only eight dollars. 

We walked around for a while and I took lots of pictures, which I will bore you with throughout the week. Was my nine year old interested in the well-structured herb gardens? No, he was not. Did I care? Not at all. He whined a few times that he was done "with nature-ing," but he had fun walking with me and talking. Then I took him to McDonald's for a reward. 


2 thoughts on “Wave Hill #1

  1. The only thing I didn’t like about wave hill was that the mansions themselves were mostly made boring and modern inside, instead of being museums. Perhaps it’s a better use of them, though. I’m not sure if you can be alcohol there or not (probably no, unfortunately) but it would be a great place for some cheese, bread, and wine, or some beer.

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