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It's funny how many guys that I know who study blogs who think that the most important blogger in the world is someone like Andrew Sullivan. NOT! You know that there is a whole world of blogging that has absolutely nothing to do with politics. 

A recent New Yorker article about Pioneer Woman talks about her successes — two best selling books, a movie, a million dollar income, 23.3 million page views per month. She was on the Today Show last week hawking her new kiddie book. 

Aren't you a tad envious? Yes, you are. Just admit it. 

I read that article in the snack shop of a Korean mini-golf center in Closter, NJ. I was waiting for Ian to finish off his game with his social skills class. One old dude slurped down some ramin noodles and the others were loudly talking in Korean about the Liverpool soccer match on the big screen TV. I was itching for my camera, because all I could think was BLOG FODDER, THIS IS BLOG FODDER. I'm a very sick person. 


8 thoughts on “A Savvy Business Woman Blogs

  1. nah… or, maybe yeah… whatever. It is a crazy addiction, blogging. And if addiction is sickness then, yeah, we’re sick, I guess. too bad it doesn’t bring us millions too. 😦
    whatever. I don’t follow her. Should I?

  2. To be fair to Sullivan, he’s held many more political positions that most editorial boards combined and has a more active interest in learning where babies comes from that most men at the end of middle age.

  3. the one issue I have with PW, who I read, and read the WHOLE PW black heels online and love is that she came from money and married money. She isn’t married to some poor cattle farmer which is what was assumed. She is a savvy business woman.
    And, ALL my blogger friends, alot of which cook, read her, bought her cookbook and really her recipes are horrifically crafted. (And I worked at foodnetwork, of which many a cookbook was done not so well)If you know how to cook, you can figure out her recipes. Her food is full of fat but good, but to actually try to cook from a recipe..not so much. SHe is almost sandra lee now. (the shortcut queen)
    Everyone is jealous, the PW has made herself pretty universal.

  4. “she came from money and married money”
    Matters and their nubs.
    (Sullivan sells personal drama wrapped around politics; PW, I am guessing, sells wish fulfillment.)

  5. Yes, PW sells wish fulfillment. She’s selling an imagined bucolic life that is always in the American subconscious.
    I don’t know if you should read PW or not. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Her folksy style often turns me off. However, I really admire how well she’s created a package on her bog. She is extremely consistent in how she portrays her life. She NEVER seems to have a bad day. If she has a bad day, it is slapstick sort of bad.
    Money is part of her success. Her farm and her kitchen are spotless. She has a fancy camera and photoshop and all that. But there are lot of rich people on the Internet who aren’t able to create a successful blog.
    I think the key to her success is branding. God, I hate that word. But it’s true. Branding. She takes beautiful pictures. She glosses over a life style that is foreign to most of us suburban types. She does it every single day. She is always consistent. She isn’t tempted to deviate from a formula that works.
    Most of us are complicated individuals. Sometime we’re in a foul mood, other days silly. Some days we want to talk about politics; other days we want to talk about shoes. If you indulge those different sides of your personality and different interests on a blog (or book or whatever), then people walk away confused. A brand is a two-dimensional snapshot of an individual.
    Also, MOST people go to blogs for three reasons: to watch a train wreck, to be entertained or to look for a role model. PW is the role model type of blogger. Women check her out to find someone who is dealing with many of the same crap that they have — a husband, school for the kids, dinner prep — but does it with enthusiasm and style. Then she adds in some nice horsey pictures.
    She taps into the same formula that worked for Martha Stewart, but she’s more approachable than Martha. Both PW and Stewart are strong business women, types that appeal to feminists, but they are selling a lifestyle that is repellant to most feminists.

  6. I was just gonna ask whether PW was in some ways the new Martha. Probably doesn’t aspire to as many categories as Martha, but still, something in that direction.
    You do have to flatten some aspects of personality to reach a bigger blog audience, but you have to keep some of them so that you remain recognizably a person. Yglesias with the basketball and the typos (fewer now) and a few policy hobbyhorses. Felix Salmon with the food and wine, even though he is mostly no-nonsense business. Maybe I am projecting, but I think readers go to blogs for something more personal than mere media, even in the fields of business or politics. I wish Josh Marshall would write more than he does; the main TPM blog is duller without him. I miss Kos’ writing, for that matter.
    Blogs need personality, but that personality also needs to be recognizable. Call it branding, call it distilling, call it refining, a good blog that people come back to needs to have it. (Unless the blog’s personality is “great big shaggy mess” in which case, train wreck see above.) Consistency, too.
    And contrary to my minor snark above, money is neither necessary nor sufficient (don’t think Dooce came from money), but it is pretty damn helpful. Luck’s important, too.

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