Goofy Kids

I took a bunch of pictures of Ian and his cousins on Sunday. He made his first communion that day. He was a nervous wreck before hand, because he was so worried that he was going to make a mistake. (He did great.) Of all the photos, this is my favorite even though it is overexposed and out of focus, because I love spontaneous goofiness. 


4 thoughts on “Goofy Kids

  1. Congrats to you, and to Ian. Goofiness is a wonderful blessing. We live in the woods, and my favorite first communion memory (well besides my grandpa carrying my naughty 3-y-o little sister out of mine, screaming “But I WANT to be good!!!”) is my nieces, sent out of my kitchen to gather wildflowers, asking “can we really pick all we want?” YES!
    We used up every vase in the house. 🙂

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