Afternoon Art Projects


Here's Ian in his favorite place in the world — his little blue desk, which is way too small for him, making his own comic book after school. I need to spend the morning doing a last minute clean up. A For Sale sign appeared on our front lawn yesterday. The kids are panicking, and the neighbors are ringing the door bell to ask why. Jonah is freaked about where he'll sit in a cafeteria in a new school. I'm scared out of my mind. There are too many variables that can't be quantified.  


4 thoughts on “Afternoon Art Projects

  1. Oh my heavens–we have that Exact Same Desk in our downstairs! Only we painted ours yellow. I can’t remember where we bought it–it goes all the way back to our DC years, so it could have been anywhere.

  2. I know the feeling, except that the three times we sold our house we *had* to move, so it’s not exactly the same thing. Right now I’m really scared about moving again and being homeowners again. It’s weird to feel like that. Maybe it’s some mild form of PTSD.
    I wish you the best! If it sells well, may you find another good house in your desired location. And I hope you don’t need to do too much renovation (or are you hoping for all that again? We ran away screaming from it).

  3. P.S. I realize that perhaps you won’t have a choice but to buy another fixer upper, depending on where you need to move to. It sucks that in the place you’ve been looking into house prices actually increased. 😦

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