After 80 degree weather and sunny skies in Florida, I have returned to snow and freezing rain in New Jersey. Why do I live here again? 

We went to spring training game: Cardinals v. the Marlins. We soaked up beer and sun. Maybe more sun than I'm used to. I am so freakin' white that kind strangers came up to me and offered sun screen. Pathetic. 


5 thoughts on “Cousins

  1. Because in October, your cousins will visit you and delight in the cooler air and changing colors of the trees and return to hot and sticky Florida and say “Why do I live here again?”

  2. Go Cards!
    Sorry – I just have to cheer when I see the Redbirds. We’ve been listening to the spring training games online, so I almost feel like I was there. Glad to see you got the experience.

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