A Pokemon Tour

IMG_0552 How much do I love my children? I love them so much that I took them to a Pokemon Tour last Saturday. 

Malls in New Jersey are typically horrific on Saturdays, because we're not allowed to shop on Sundays in Bergen County. We're allowed to drink on Sundays – liquor stores are open, but we can't go to the Gap. Because that would be immoral. Add about 10,000 slightly intense boys to an already packed mall and that's what we endured for the children.

In honor of the release of a new video game, Nintendo toured the big malls of the country with free viewings of the latest movie and free downloads of new pokemon and hats and crap. My kids begged to go. They didn't get to see the movie, since all showings had sold out as soon as the mall opened up, but there were still plenty of activities (all with mile long lines). The mall was packed with tween boys, who rattled off statistics about abscure pokemon characters. Scarier were the skinny college kids with tight pants and suspenders. 

I figure they owe me. Big time. This Saturday, I'm going to make them look at modern art and listen to jazz.


5 thoughts on “A Pokemon Tour

  1. I don’t know if it was the latest movie, but thanks to Netflicks and a desire for an hour of peace, I saw snippets of a Pokemon movie where some little Pokemon was captured by a bad guy, put under mind control, and forced to attack all of the other Pokemon. There was time travel, unsupervised pre-teens saving the day, and the kind of half-assed envirnomental message that makes me want to leave the mayo clinging to the jar when I put it into the recycling.

  2. My #2 reported to me that the guy who started Pokemon was killed in the tidal wave. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but it certainly brought the horror of it home to him.

  3. My #2 reported to me that the guy who started Pokemon was killed in the tidal wave.
    That is really horrible if it had been true. He shouldn’t be killed without a fair trial before a jury of his peers parents.

  4. The rumor is very touching, though. Think of all the little boys* who know of Japan through Pokemon, and the older children of both genders who are anime fans. Fears for the creator of Pokemon? They may know more about Japan than their parents.
    I wonder how the company which creates Japanese erasers is faring?
    (*Please forgive the sexism, but I don’t know any female Pokemon fans.)

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