Working Moms vs. Stay-at-Home Moms

Poid7n660wxinw Working Moms vs. Stay-at-Home Moms. Two go in. One comes out. 

Very funny. 

The CONS of being a stay-at-home mom: You don’t have time to shower ever. If your child is over 6 months old, you have to watch really shitty kids TV all the time and you have weird sex dreams about Thomas the Train. All of your pajamas have bodily fluids on them. And not the good kind. You accidentally show your boobs to the mailman/cable guy/next door neighbor. You realize that your kid is boring and/or an asshole and you can never escape from them. You want to knife Donna Reed for making it look so easy. You irrationally shout, “STAY-AT-HOME MOMS ARE WORKING MOMS” every time you read an article like this and then you shake your head and wonder how you got like this. 


2 thoughts on “Working Moms vs. Stay-at-Home Moms

  1. Apparently, we’re also angry about Natalie Portman for some reason. Something about thinking motherhood is great. I don’t know. I think I’m physically incapable of thinking bad things about Natalie Portman. She could be standing over the corpse with a bloody knife, and I’d be thinking, “That blood stain is completely coordinated with her maternity outfit! How DOES she do it?”

  2. I saw this on Facebook a few days back and have laughed so hard I’ve read it over and over again.
    One of the smartest pieces I’ve read about working moms vs. stay at home moms.

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