Happiness Map

Map1 I've had a lot of fun playing with the NYT's interactive map of the US, which compares the quality of life in the Congressional districts. My districts gets a 69 on the Composite Index, which is pretty good. 

Wyoming and Montana are also pretty damn good. 

What's the Composite Index of your Congressional District?


11 thoughts on “Happiness Map

  1. High 60s for us in SE Mass. My parents’ district, i.e., where I grew up, was also high 60s but a little lower. Where we were in Maine was a 65. Hm, districts in NC changed a lot. We used to be NC 4, but our district came up NC 13 on house.gov. NC 13 was a 68 and NC 4 was a 71. I knew we were happier back then. 🙂

  2. Zooming it to find my district, I was reminded of just how gerrymandered this part of PA is. The Republicans have the whole of PA government, Rep. Murtha isn’t there, and we’re going to lose a seat at this end of the state. Right now, my district is at 64, but I could very easily get put into a district with the happy people for 2012.

  3. Cool! We were 69 too. Wisconsin appears to be fat, happy, and adequately insured. (for now….Walker is working to change that…)

  4. 64 (VA 3)
    In this very gerrymandered city, I could move less than 2 miles and be in either of 2 other districts.

  5. We’re higher than all of you :-).
    The NY Times article proposed that the happiest man in American is a tall, asian-american, observant jew, man, who owns his own business, makes more than 120K/ year and lives in Hawaii.
    and then the found one. Pretty funny.

  6. Scanning over the map briefly, I couldn’t find anything that was outside the 62-71 range that wasn’t in Appalachia. So, I’m thinking that NJ-1’s 65 is a pretty “low” number, probably based on the fact that we have Camden in our district.

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