Geek Fest


Here's Ian geeking out in the bookstore at the Museum of Natural History. That was right before the IMAX movie was cancelled, and before the 15 minute wait to get a refund and before every parent on the Upper West Side descended on the museum with truck loads of crying toddlers and before we ran out of the museum disoriented and overwhelmed by the crowds and before the $30 parking fee and before the retreat to a ribs place in Times Square and before the $125 parking ticket and before a pebble hit the wind shield on the West Side Highway and before the spidery crack on the windshield expanded across the window. 

And I declare that the last hurrah of the evil karma that has descended upon our home. I got to buy me a lottery ticket, because I'm due for a major turn of the fortune wheel. 


4 thoughts on “Geek Fest

  1. I ascribe it all to bad karma *except* the trip to AMNH in the first place. Never go on a holiday. My husband and I have made an art out of avoiding potentially overcrowded places, and that is Rule #1. Rule #2 is don’t go to a Stewart/Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity, but we had to learn that rule the hard way.

  2. Sheesh, that’s a lot of bad karma. I feel unlucky just reading this. Don’t get on a flight from Australia to Los Angeles or you may wind up stranded on a desert island with a monster and some contraption built by the Dharma Initiative.

  3. oh no! I’m sorry about all that. I second Wendy on avoiding most places (including stores) on school holidays. 😦
    I don’t know what I’d feel worst about, the ticket or the ruined windshield. I guess the latter costs more, right? 😦

  4. When you buy a lottery ticket, if the drawing is on a Friday, you should always buy it on Saturday. You won’t win, but that way you will have six days to dream about winning.

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