Julie and Darcy

Julie_001 Yesterday, Dooce tweeted a link to an amazing photo series. I am shamelessly crying in my office right now.

18 years ago, Darcy Padilla photographed a woman, Julie Baird, whom she met in the lobby of a hotel for the homeless. Throughout the years, she photographed Julie as she dealt with abusive boyfriends, AIDS, and drug addiction. Padilla's series gives us a glimpse into a world that is so often hidden from view. It's heartbreaking and raw.



8 thoughts on “Julie and Darcy

  1. At about the midpoint, those become almost unbearable to see, and yet compelling, moving, frustrating. I don’t think we really have the vocabulary to talk meaningfully about it. I dread conversations about this kind of material because I feel they will move so quickly towards some kind of stock narrative response, some vision of what-should-be-done, rather than just holding the mystery and difficulty of being alive in our hearts for a while.


  2. Thank you for sharing this link. What a photo series. A real reminder of the depth of compassion needed for those around us. I cannot imagine…


  3. Wasn’t it incredible and heartbreaking? I had to go skiing the next day (yesterday) and yet I felt compelled to look at the whole thing and go to bed much later than I should have. Totally worth it, though.


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