I'm camped out on the sofa watching CNN and reading tweets on Twitter. It feels stupid to talk about anything else. Open thread.

Egypte_01 from here.

232088808 from here


5 thoughts on “Egypt

  1. All I want to know is, who will be the David Hasselhoff here, if this is the equivalent of 1989 in the Arab world?
    (That’s my way of saying, no matter how important this turns out to be, you might as well do anything you want because it will have exactly the same impact. You might as well just read about it in the paper

  2. I think the situation there is getting worst. Someone in the government should interfere and don’t let things go out of hand. The highest authority of the land should make way to bring peace in the country and not chaos.

  3. Is the comment before Doug’s spam?
    I hope this tips in the right direction. We’ve been hearing about the smoldering young in all the Middle eastern countries. Iran’s smolder wa crushed. Positive change in Egypt could really be a tipping point that changes the world. Risks, like Islamic fundamentalism, but also opporttunities, like a more free world.

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