Round 3

One of Ian's favorite toys is a label maker. He's always had a fascination with words. He was decoding words before he could talk properly. But with the label maker, he's dangerous. There are words all over the house. Sometimes the labels are used to identify an the object or a place. This is indeed our computer room. 


This is where Steve and I sleep at night. (The little arrow says "mom and dad.")


And this is indeed a fish tank. If he wanted to be totally accurate, Ian should have typed out "filthy fish tank that Steve hasn't cleaned out in several months.


Sometimes the labels are just words that he's particularly fond of. This is the weather beaten dresser in the kids' room, which was sanded, but never painted.


Yes, computer words are a big favorite.


So, are books.


Sometimes the words take you inside a video game that he's designed.



6 thoughts on “Round 3

  1. What a fascinating kid he is! I was wondering what to get F for his birthday..a label maker might be just thing…he’s learning to read and spell so why not?

  2. This cracked me up on several levels.
    I label a lot, to remind all the folks who put stuff away around here where I expect to find the item not where they randomly think it should go.
    Ian’s labels are almost like found poetry.
    Label on, young Ian!

  3. No refrigerator poetry. Magnets don’t stick on stainless steel. But we did have a ton of that ca 1995.
    Ian is in the process of drawing his daily comic book right now. We have boxes and boxes of his drawings. He’s humming to himself and drawing. Come on, Ian, it’s time to do homework.
    I can’t! I’m drawing now.

  4. Come on, Ian, it’s time to do homework.
    I can’t! I’m drawing now.

    “Come on F go put those boxes in the recycling.”
    “I can’t they’re not flat.”
    “They’re not flat. This one isn’t as flat as that one.”
    Oh the joys of parenting obsessive, habitual children!

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