Getting Organized

Organize-1-articleLarge One of the benefits of downsizing our work responsibilities is that I have the time to organize the house. I've let things accumulate in closets and in the attic and it's time to mend my ways.

I agree that one has a more peaceful existance if one isn't weighed down by possessions. A tidy house is definitely a nice thing, which some people excel at. However, one should not spend one's entire life keeping one's possessions in order. I don't really want anybody to say at my funeral, "well, she kept a tidy drawer." In order to organize in a timely manner, I've decided that to have a one week sprint of organization and then continue with my old ways for the next six months.

I've put on my to-do list "organize photos" more times that I can recall. Since we made the move to the digital camera about five years ago, I haven't printed out any pictures. They've been piling up on my hard drive. Now the task of sorting through thousands of pictures is so monumental that I'm frozen. I've decided to throw money at Shutterfly and have them print up some books for me.

So, today is Photo Album Day.

Other nasty organzing jobs have been given their own days.  Tuesday is Sort Through Toys Day. Wednesday is Purge Books from the Attic Day. Thursday is Get Rid of Five Boxes of Dissertation Research Day. And Friday is Sell Shit on Ebay Day. 


6 thoughts on “Getting Organized

  1. I have a photo organization scheme that requires relatively low effort and is better than nothing.
    1) I use “exifrenamer” to rename all of my photo files by the date that they were taken immediately after transferring them to my computer.
    2) I keep the original photos in date based folders (20100101 is January 1, 2010).
    3) When I have spare time at my computer, I use Graphic converter to view the photos and move the ones I like into a new folder.
    4) I organize this set of “selected” photos by date.
    5) When the mood strikes me, and the event is clear, I add a “event name” — 4th grade soccer or hawaii to the date based folder name.
    I have lots and lots of photos, and though this doesn’t work perfectly, it’s better than having “organize photos” on my list every day.

  2. The problem isn’t so much figuring out what you need and don’t need (at least for me), but rather what to do with what you don’t need. I am loathe to simply throw things out. So if you have concrete and realistic suggestions for how to pass things on to other people, let us know. (Bonus points if you can point me to place in NYC! But that’s asking a bit much 🙂

  3. If you can remember, I definitely suggest captioning photos in photobooks with date, place, names and event. Be kind to posterity.

  4. ianqui, NYC is especially tricky. When we moved out here, I brought along 6 black garbage bags of old clothes, because I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it in NYC.
    Out here, we’re big fans of the VA. They come around here every week and pick up our shit that I leave on the front porch.
    I give books to the library and let them sort them out.
    My sister in law is a big fan of and uses them a lot. She’s also sold a lot of shit on ebay, so I’m going to try that with some old Thomas trains on Friday.

  5. I have been organizing as well.
    Three years worth of outgrown baby and toddler clothes and boxes of unused diapers and pullups just went to the women’s shelter. Turns out they have a warehouse.
    Cleared out the closet in my son’s room (most of that was the old clothes that got donated. Moved a bunch of stuff to the garage. Trashed a lot.
    I haven’t printed photos since we got the digital camera either.

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