Brewery Kits on Etsy

Grains Suze sent me a link to the micro-brewery kits on Etsy. Man, Steve would love to be doing this. Maybe we have our organic farm in upstate New York and I sell artisanal pickles in our little gift shop, Steve can sell his own brew kits.


4 thoughts on “Brewery Kits on Etsy

  1. Yeah, we talk like that too, about how we could retire to New Hampshire, bake more pies, feed the apple peelings to our pigs, and render our own lard. But more likely, our hostess and her husband will remain suburban residents with a banker husband, and my wife and I will remain urban residents and lawyers, toiling for the capitalist machine.

  2. I had a Mr. Beer that I got years ago. The ingredients came in a can. By keeping a couple of those cans in the basement for a decade, I made artisanal botox. At least, the cans got all puffed out.

  3. You doubt my sincerity, y81? Humpf. And I was going to make a power point presentation aimed at scaring your relatives away from PhD programs. I was going to include pictures of grad students living in squalid flats in Brooklyn and graphs and everything.

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