St. Elizabeth’s, Wadsworth Avenue, NYC

On Sunday, after a wonderful brunch at the New Leaf cafe, we went to mass in Washington Heights at St. Elizabeth's. When we used to live in the hood, Mother Cabrini chapel was our usual joint; it was closer than St. Elizabeth's and had the added benefit of a dead saint. 

I guess I should explain. Mother Cabrini was a very nice lady who helped out the immigrants who flocked to urban areas at the turn of the century. She was such a nice lady that after she died, people said that she must be a saint and, like all saints, her body probably didn't decompose. So, they dug up her body. However, as a plaque thoughtfully explains, Mother Cabrini's body was indeed "subject to the laws of decay." But that's didn't daunt her true believers who put a wax mask and hands on her bones, put her in a dress, and then enshrined her in a glass box, which has become the altar where the priest says mass every day.

I love gruesome Catholic practices.


Even though St. Elizabeth's wasn't our usual church, both Jonah and Steve were baptized here.


I love these gothic churches in cities. These churches are dinosaurs and are closing all over the country as the numbers of Catholics dwindle. St. Elizabeth's has some nice murals and an excellent organ.



2 thoughts on “St. Elizabeth’s, Wadsworth Avenue, NYC

  1. Beautiful photos. At some point, I’d love a post discussing why you are a Catholic, as my reading of the blog leaves the impression you don’t agree with the Church on a number of major issues. I am not being snarky, I am just curious.

  2. Was Baptized at St. Elizabeth’s, my Grandmother cleaned and washed all the Marble and polished all the wood to feed her children during the Depression. My family lived at 575 W 185th, taking up three “railroad” apartments. Need to come back and say hello.

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