The Last Weekend of Fall

This was the first weekend in a couple of months when we weren't chained to the soccer field. Jonah's soccer season is nearly over. As much as we love seeing our boy run with his long legged strides across the field, his games do use up a big chunk of the weekend. He's on a traveling league, as well as the town recreation program, so soccer is a big commitment in the fall.

On Sunday morning after church, we packed up some snacks and my camera and headed to Ramapo mountain. I occasionally blog about our adventures with the kids for a local Jersey blog, so I figured this would provide some good blog fodder.

First, we stopped at a sandwich joint in Allendale. It's hard to find good soup and sandwich places in this area of New Jersey. You can find a diner ever thirty feet  around here, but funky sandwich joints are hard to come by.



With a belly full of BLTs, we headed to the mountains.


It was a lovely day. It was warm enough for Ian to romp through the paths with just a short sleeve t-shirt. Any time that Ian can shed clothes, he's a happy fellow indeed. A few stubborn leaves clung to the trees. 



Anytime that we go for a walk in the woods with the boys, there has to be gratuitous stream crossing. I'm taking these pictures from a bridge three feet away. But why take a bridge, when you can hop from rock to rock?


We walked and played for an hour. Although we often miss our former lives in the city, it sure is nice to jump on a log and cross a stream just twenty minutes from our home.


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