Movie Review – The Social Network

The-social-network-520-1 Last Saturday, Steve and I saw the The Social Network. I got a babysitter to see this movie, so you know that I was looking forward to it.

Was it babysitter-worthy? Yes, it was. Fine bit of acting by Eisenberg and even JT. They do hammer away at the central irony of the story, which is the guy who develops Facebook has no social skills and stabs his only friend in the back to get ahead. By the end, we were saying "enough already".

The book isn't really about the Internet and how it has changed life. It's about an entrepreneur. The guy could have been making little accessories for Crocs, instead of developing a new Internet program. The movie doesn't really explore the ramifications of a world hooked on social networks.

It's worth noting that I have such a short attention span thanks to blogs, twitter, facebook, e-mail, that I had to restrain myself from checking my iPhone, while in the middle of the movie. I'm not proud of that fact.

The movie is about the young programming whiz kid at Harvard who develops a good Internet application and then gets sued by at least three dudes, who say that he stole their idea. The movie implies that Zuckerberg did most of the original thinking that led to Facebook, but that there were others hot on the trail, because good ideas don't happen all by themselves. They happen in environments where there's a bunch of people who are all working on variations of the same thing. But as Justin Timberlake says, all that matters is who's the first one in the door.

It is funny how innovation and success have sped up thanks to the Internet. The rush to the front door is faster than ever before and has to involve a few elbows to the throat. Since nearly everyone in this movie is an asshole or crazy or both, we saw a lot of elbows.


3 thoughts on “Movie Review – The Social Network

  1. Laura- I too have to fight the urge to check twitter and facebook while at the movies. Even the most well- reviewed supposedly interesting movie doesn’t hold my interest well enough to avoid the thoughts of taking out my phone! You are not alone.
    So , guess what,I almost never go to the movies. I’ll save the money I would have spent on a sitter and rent it and watch it on my big screen where no one will criticize me if I check email in the middle.Bad, I guess, but it’s my life!

  2. Well, movies didn’t keep my attention before the advent of the internet (and iphones & other hand held interruption devices). So, I sympathize.
    I’ll admit to being very strange, but I’ve probably watched less than 20 movies in a theater in my entire life. And probably 5 of those were in the first week’s of my courtship with my now husband. And half of the rest are animated films I was forced to watch by my kids. I’ve never understood how people could sit still for 2.5 hours and watch a movie. So, welcome to my world!
    (I have no problem with reading a book for that same length of time. And, oddly, I don’t mind the theater, either. But, that’s ’cause I feel like I’m interacting with the actors, and that to ignore them would be insulting to them)

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