How Much Do I Love Gospel?

Glee's Grilled Cheesus episode was fun. I'm a huge sucker for a gospel choir.


4 thoughts on “How Much Do I Love Gospel?

  1. I wasn’t a huge fan of that performance, to be honest, but I did love the ep. This was my favorite review of the ep so far, but I haven’t been through my morning GReader feeds yet.
    Also, I’ll take any ep that covers Billy Joel, Joan Osborne, and REM. Glee is really for 40 year olds, I’m convinced.


  2. The best moment was when they broke the first rule of covers and did an incredible reinterpretation of I Wanna Hold your Hand. You should never cover the Beatles, except for something like that.


  3. I’m fine with that. On Nov. 15th it will be eight years since I’ve seen a movie that wasn’t animated so I wasn’t aware. But in general, bands cover the Beatles at their own risk. It was still way better than all the shot by shot remakes of Brittany videos.


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