Cape May


On the last leg of our trip back home, we stayed in Cape May, New Jersey, which is at the bottom tip of the state. Full of Victorian homes and strict zoning laws, Cape May is perhaps the girliest vacation spot EVER. And I was there with three boys. (Steve counts as one of the boys).


Could I convince any of those three boys that they really, really wanted to go
to high tea at a Victorian mansion? No, I could not. Instead, I spent
the afternoon playing Skee Ball. Sure, it was a very tasteful arcade by Jersey shore standards, but there were no little cucumber sandwiches.



8 thoughts on “Cape May

  1. My husband always wants to go to Cape May, and I keep thinking “Why?” I mean, it’s nice, but tea in a Victorian mansion is not his kind of thing.
    Sounds like you had a great, relaxing trip!


  2. I mean, it’s nice, but tea in a Victorian mansion is not his kind of thing.
    You’re supposed to end with, “No that there’s anything wrong with that.”


  3. For the pictures? Laura’s second one with the shadows, blue house, and light is getting pretty close to one you’d want to set out trying to make.


  4. We go every summer. The Raggirls love to rent the surrey and bike around town, which has co-ed appeal. There’s also a nice lighthouse if you’re looking for more phallic diversions.


  5. Cape May is a popular spot for birders, especially during fall migration. So there are a bunch of gruff middle-aged guys who would dispute that “girliest vacation spot” claim. Of course, they’re out on the beaches at dawn, rather than touring the town’s painted ladies.


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