Shaking the Sand out of Our Bags

We're shaking the sand out of our bags and creating Mount Everest of dirty laundry. I'll be back soon.


6 thoughts on “Shaking the Sand out of Our Bags

  1. It’s his sporting prescription glasses. He needs them for soccer. He took them to the beach that morning, because he intended to build a very big hole in the sand.

  2. I thought so, thanks for answering. I hope it’s not that expensive. My mom was saying today that it’s a pity that it’s the “sporty” one of my boys who needs to wear glasses… oh well.

  3. There’s something about being that age that makes digging a big hole (not even necessarily for any reason) seem like fun. It’s better than smashing things, which also seems like fun then, and even better on the beach rather than in the garden in the back yard, like where I did it.

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