The River Sharks Game


"This is a very simple game. You throw the
ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball. Sometimes you win, sometimes
you lose, sometimes it rains."

Last weekend, I went to my first minor league baseball game. We won tickets to the Camden River Sharks last spring and, truth be told, I wasn't that excited about driving all that way to Camden. Surprisingly, we had a great time.

After tickets and parking and food, you can easily blow through $200 at a Yankees game. Here, everything was cheap. Tickets cost between $5 and $25. I think I spent $25 for a hot dog at the last Yankee game. 

After we found our seats, Ian immediately had to check out the bouncy castle and the rock wall. There was also a merry-go-round for the younger kids. They had fireworks at the end of the game. In between innings, kids dressed up as sumo wrestlers and beat each other up.

The game itself was a sideline to the rest of the circus. The players? Well, they weren't Derrick Jeter. Error after error. Over throws. Outfielders missing pop flies. A line drive foul that took out some guy in the box seats. It was excellent. The final score was 9-5 with the Camden River Sharks beating out the Newark Bears. 

We left the ball field with a belly full of cheese steak, an over sized t-shirt for Ian, and a hankering for more minor league baseball. We'll have to check out the New Jersey Jackals next.


3 thoughts on “The River Sharks Game

  1. You’re certainly right that, at least at the lower levels, at minor league games the game itself is sort of a side-show. Also, it’s easy to feel old at the games, at least for the lower levels. I’ve been to a few Staten Island Yankees games, and as it’s a rookie league team most of the players are no more than 19, some even 16. They really are just kids. But, the beer is pretty cheap, it’s fun w/ a good view, especially when ships are going in or out of Newark, and it has cheap parking ($7). I’m glad it was a good time.


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