I’m Too Sexy For This Jumper

Laughing at old ads is Lilek's turf, but this series on Fox is good, too.


4 thoughts on “I’m Too Sexy For This Jumper

  1. Whenever I see cloths like that, my main thought it, “how do you go to the bathroom in that thing?” I suppose it’s even worse for women, but I’m pretty sure that that alone would be enough to rule one out for me.

  2. Anyway, if you are feeling under the weather, it might cheer you to know that 11d is worth more than Newsweek.
    Key quote: “Mr. Harman reportedly bid $1 for the magazine.”

  3. I clicked through to the whole slide show. Pretty much every one of them prompted me to think, “OK, *that* one’s the funniest” or “OK, *that* one’s the most horrifying”– or sometimes both.
    Watching Mad Men helps, some, to understand how some of these could have happened. Doesn’t help with the one you picked, though. The horror, the horror.

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