The Mel Gibson Open Thread

Mel_gibson_investigation_08 We need a Mel Gibson open thread. I just spent the past twenty minutes listening to his entire rants on YouTube. Is he really that crazy? Did she manipulate those tapes? Is he part of a new narcissistic culture? WTF?

OK. So, I'm not working that hard this afternoon. Well, Steve just called to tell me that he printed out and enlarged the Periodic Table of Swearing, so I'm not the only one.


6 thoughts on “The Mel Gibson Open Thread

  1. Rich wrote that yes, he’s always been that crazy, but that lots and lots of people were willing to look the other way as long as he was successful enough.
    That’s what I find frightening, ’cause I do believe that it can happen almost everywhere, this protective silence of the powerful. Oddly enough, I’m wondering if the fishbowl we now force politicians to live in actually makes them less likely (or less likely with time) to be ugly people in a protective bubble. But then, we have the example of Vitter. (I’d be willing to hear the allegation against Bill Clinton, but he’s not in power anymore; he’s a celebrity spokesperson).
    I can’t believe you could listen to the rants. The one or two short clips I read in transcript made me absolutely scared to click on the rants at all. But then, I’m an overly sensitive soul who likes to wear rose colored glasses.


  2. How can it be a good Brit table of swearing without much buggery at all? Where is “Bugger this for a lark?”
    Why not combine the two items and locate Gibson on the periodic table? Looking promising: 51, 56, 58, 61 possibly leading to the slightly pathetic 84. Ten’s a good bet, too.


  3. Mel Gibson’s been an out bipolar for some time. I’ve been thinking about this because I’ve got an old friend who is bipolar (with a fresh diagnosis of “narcissistic rage”). My friend is on his medication and has been for some time, but he’s been on a downward spiral for nearly a decade now. He’s less and less able to get or keep a job (because sooner or later he blows up), he was more or less homeless but is now living in a group home, he’s been divorced twice (when his condition wasn’t so severe), and he’s in the process of alienating all his old friends. He’s an opera, theater, and ballet-lover (who always used to wear a jacket and tie to performances), but he recently got into an altercation on a public bus with some guy (probably even more crazy) who was trying to open a window on a hot day. He’s also gotten into a fight in a bar and adopted the hobby of going to liberal groups and disrupting their meetings. At this rate, he’s going to get seriously hurt, arrested, or kicked out of his group home–he’s about half a step from jail or real homelessness. My husband and I are still friends with him (my husband talks to him by phone and just sent him an MP3 player loaded with Librivox classics), but we probably couldn’t be friends with him if we were geographically close. If we were geographically close, he’d probably be pretty scary, actually.
    I’m also starting to be concerned about the husband of a woman I am close to, because his behavior is starting to remind me of my bipolar friend. This second man has always been rather difficult to get on with, but he’s lately become more and more erratic and antisocial.
    The problem with this bipolar stuff (and it may be true generally of other psychiatric conditions) is that the more it gets a grip on you, the less likeable you become, the more friends you alienate, and the less people want to be around you or help you. It’s a devil of a vicious circle.


  4. Wealth when you are mentally is is a two-edged sword – on the one hand you can afford the best care. On the other hand, you may have so many sycophants around you that no one wants to bite the hand that feeds them by not going along with/tolerating the craziness.


  5. Not really the point of your post, but I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of the periodic table of swearing, given how many of its curses are derogatory sexual epithets based on/aimed at women: tit, cunt, all their derivatives.
    I only comment because usually I’m impressed with your posts, and this link made me depressed instead.
    I’ll be back, though. You make me think–and you give me facts to think over, rather than just rants. Thanks for that.


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