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340x_flowers-mason Yesterday, lmc sent me to an article on Jezebel about crafty blogs. The author describes her surprise at finding this section of the blogosphere. It's funny, because I stumbled upon that section of the blogosphere randomly a few months ago. Click. Click. Click. And suddenly I fell down Alice's hole to another world. I usually tromp around in the political and academic blogosphere with occasional forays into the mommyblogs. But there are huge communities of other blogs out there.

The blogger at Jezebel wonders if these websites are the new Martha Stewarts. They use their blogs to hype a certain lifestyle, but they are just a little too perfect.

Whatever. They're super pretty, and I'm sucker for the whole vintage, bohemian vibe. Some places that I found through the Jezebel post: The snail and the cyclops. Oooh, I just love Jadite. I have to take some pictures of my collection. Blushing Ambition Much Love Just Something I Made

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3 thoughts on “Crafty Blogs

  1. My sister has a cross-stitch blog. There’s a whole bunch of ’em. I don’t think there are any Marthas or much lifestyle, but the do have fun.

  2. I love craft blogs. It’s a natural extension of my previous obsession with craft books. At some point in my late 30’s I realized that I like the craft books as much (and not infrequently more) than I like the actual craft, and decided to let my self embrace that reality. Craft blogs provide the same service without cluttering up my house as much and without costing as much.
    My current obsession is with beadweaving and polymer clay.

  3. I have a guilty adoration of the crafty blogs. I can waste days surfing from link to link, if I’m not careful.
    I do knit a lot and dabble in a few other things, but mostly I just like to dream and gaze at lovely pictures and see new ideas. I do notice the blogs that are the most stylized and glamorous ones always seem to belong to the women (they’re all women!) without children or truly demanding professions, and with some disposable income.

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