KFC’s Double Down

4533937842_74020c4e7c_o This morning, I blogged about KFC's Double Down. This afternoon, Nate Silver compares the Double Down to other fast food sandwiches. Great minds.

While the Double Down is incredibly unhealthy, it isn't the most unhealthy. The worst goes to…. drum roll… Wendy's Triple Baconator.


6 thoughts on “KFC’s Double Down

  1. Man, look at the grandstanding in Nate Silver’s comments.
    I was amused to see that the grilled version of the Double Down is even less “healthy” by both measures.

  2. It’s kind of alarming that my usual McDouble has only 150 fewer calories than the Double Down (thought the fat and cholesterol are much better in the McDouble). About a year ago, I stopped eating two McDoubles at lunch, though I still do get my two apple pies.

  3. MH,
    That reminds me–I was googling around trying to find the average McDonald’s transaction and I just couldn’t find it. My feeling is that the food writers tend to exaggerate how cheap McDonald’s is, especially given the tendency to get multiple items. I know our family of four rarely gets out of McDonald’s without spending about $19, so even if it were amazingly healthy, we wouldn’t go there frequently just because it’s pretty expensive for what you’re getting. We can spend just a few dollars more and have a pretty decent Chinese take-out dinner, with leftovers for lunch the next day. We like the indoor playgrounds that fast food places have around here, but I cut back on our fast food visits after I discovered that what the kids really like about the fast food places is the toys and the playground–they’re pretty indifferent to the food. (Although, truth be told, we must have gone there more than I am remembering, because I recently donated a couple gallon ziplocs of fast food toys to the local Autism Center for their prize drawer.)

  4. Well, I get nearly 900 calories for $2.16, which I only try to do once a week. At least now I understand why I’m so hungry in the evening on the days when I bring my lunch.
    I’m afraid to look how many calories you can get per dollar with the 2 for $3 Sausage Egg Muffin thing they have now. (I told my son we don’t have a McDonald’s near us, which is a huge lie, but keeps us from from Happy Meals.)

  5. What the double down has for it, calorically, is that it lacks bread. Except for the nugget listing, everything else on that menu either was snuggled in a bun or wrapped in a tortilla.

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