Finally Relaxing

DSC_0085 I can never remember to take a picture of the meal when it's coming out of the kitchen. Things are too crazy. Parents are yelling at the kids to wash their hands and dishing out plates of ham and potatoes for the kids to eat in the kitchen. I'm pulling the asparagus out of the oven and plating them with shavings of parmesan cheese. Oh, don't forget the corn bread. I only remember to pull out the camera after we're mostly done eating and the food comas have set in.


4 thoughts on “Finally Relaxing

  1. Aha — finally, a value I can add to a gathering with food, the pictures. Does that make up for generally being ineffective in the provision of food? I think it might, but probably not for being clueless while everything is being cleaned up.

  2. What a nice party. Your dining room reminds me a lot of ours (yours is Victorian, though, right? so probably the ceilings are higher than in our Craftsman).

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