One Hour Per Day

52905697 The latest study in JAMA finds that women should work out 60 minutes a day, seven days a week, to maintain a normal weight over their lifetime.

How often do you exercise?


16 thoughts on “One Hour Per Day

  1. Irregularly, but with enthusiasm!
    Last night, I joined my neighbor who was walking her beagle and 6-10 kids who were biking and scootering round the block (one bike had a baby trailer attached, and various kids got rides). I was walking and had two kids with me on bikes (I temporarily lost one). This morning, I met a different neighbor for about a two-mile walk and then went to the gym for another 40 minutes (Frodo has just been rescued from the orc tower by Samwise). I’m theoretically running a walking group through the college’s women’s organization, but this was the first time since October that I’d sent out an email.

  2. Now that I have a dog, I’m walking at least an hour a day. We go for a long walk in the morning and two shorter ones in the afternoon. And the dog likes to walk fast. Since I’m doing the breast cancer 3-day, it’s all good. I’m hoping to do a few longer training walks in the weeks to come. At some point, I have to be able to walk 20 miles in a day!
    I’ll admit, though, I’m not a fan of exercise. Yes, I’ve gained a bit of weight over the years, but I’m still relatively thin and healthy. I lack good motivation to do any more exercise.

  3. About 35 to 45 minutes a day, sad to say, mostly dog-walking. I’d like to squeeze in more but that would involve incorporating special-needs youngest into the activity mix. To her mind, if it doesn’t involve walking to the nearby park to use the swingset, it’s no good.

  4. Does climbing 4 flights of stairs daily count? How about playing Lexulous…oh wait. Seriously, I practice yoga once a week, sometimes twice if I have less to do or due. In the summer yoga twice weekly is more doable. In addition to yoga, as a Manhattanite we walk lots during the day, but I don’t know if this counts as regular exercise?
    What I took from the JAMA report was that we need to be more mindful about what we put into our mouths. Look at women in France. Duh. They don’t exercise. They eat more responsibly. Too much processed foods, and large serving sizes. American *believe* they eat health, but they are deluding themselves. My father for example, thinks (as do many Americans) that he’s eating healthy if he chooses “low-fat.” Does he read the list of ingredients on those terrible salad dressing bottles? In the end, it’s the amoutn and type of food that matter for weight control.

  5. Yoga once a week and just starting running a few times a week. Very dependent upon the weather (i.e. good weather = getting out!). And dependent upon school papers (two due Tuesday).
    I was going to kickboxing regularly last fall which is incredible cardio but fell off the wagon. And I try to swim at least 20 lengths while my daughter has her swim lesson.
    In other words – need to move more…

  6. If I tried to eat now when I ate in my teens and 20s, I’d need at least an hour a day to burn it off. I limit my calories and carbs and try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, seven days a week. That’s doable.
    Like my parents and siblings, I’m a Type 2 diabetic, but I managed to postpone diabetes till my 50s. Which reminds me: Time to test my blood sugar.

  7. I did my best exercising when living abroad, and walking to work up a steep hill, about 2 miles each way. Couldn’t do it every day (heavy rain was an issue), but dropped 20 lbs and finally recovered fully from an old leg injury.
    And then I fell and injured my spine, which ended that period.
    I’d like to go back to the 1.5-2 hour brisk walks, but it’s much easier to justify that sort of time out of your day when it’s your commute, and not your work, cleaning the house, or studies.

  8. I do a high number of reps with a small weight- each one gets lighter as I go, though, and only starts out at 12oz, so maybe it’s not that much work.

  9. I thought there was another study indicating that gradual weight gain over time as you age was actually protective of health. So what’s JAMA doing advocating that people figure out a way to not ever gain weight?
    First the obese breastfed infants, now this. I am getting really disgusted with the medical-industrial complex’s obsession with making everyone be skinny.

  10. I thought there was another study indicating that gradual weight gain over time as you age was actually protective of health.
    I think that is written on the side of the Yuengling bottles.

  11. And I know we say “restructure the damn workplace already” practically daily on this blog, but if we didn’t have a sit-on-your-ass-for-ten-hours workplace norm, maybe we would be able to move around and vary our activity in the course of the day instead of needing a solid hour of exercise to compensate for all the ass-sitting.

  12. I swipped an unused nurse-station type computer stand that I’m going to try to use as a standing desk. If it works for paper-work, I may put my computer up there.

  13. Yes, totally, Marya.
    I’ve been running like crazy for two months. I haven’t lost a pound. I could lose five pounds which are all located in my ass, but the running hasn’t made a difference. I also gave up all sweets for Lent, stopped eating pasta, and cut back on the beers. No weight loss.
    Even though I haven’t lost the five pounds, I feel great. Running really re-wired my brain. I’m getting more writing done, and I’m happier.
    When I was in the city, I got a ton of exercise just walking to the playground and nursery school. Not to mention the four-floor walk up. I had to eat sleeves of Oreos to maintain my 112 pounds. When I moved out here, there was no playground in walking distance and I suddenly had access to Wendy’s and the bagel store. I worked too much, had too much child rearing, and had no time for myself. I’m realizing how out of shape that I got in the past five years.

  14. LOL, Marya.
    I feel great if I can do 20 mins. on 3 weekdays, and then 30 mins. on each weekend day.
    Maybe if I stopped trying to have clean clothes for my children ever, I could figure out how to sneak in the extra time.

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