Look At Me

DSC_0005 Last week, before the great flood, the boys got their bikes out of the garage for the first time in months. Yes, he's not wearing a helmet or a coat. A few minutes later, the boys developed a great game called, "ride your bikes into the lingering snow drifts and fall down". Those of you with calm, well-behaved children, judge us not.


9 thoughts on “Look At Me

  1. I remember my brother and I played a game called “climb the snowdrifts to get on the roof.” Mom heard the thumping and stopped that game.

  2. Speaking of the neighbors, I was walking with my son (now 3) and he started walking after a dog that was being walked by a woman. He was never more than five feet from me and I was walking at a normal pace. Anyway, the woman turned around and yelled at him, “Watch where you are going!” Then she looked-up at me and turned around and walked away. I think if I were a woman, I would have gotten a lecture on something or another.

  3. Hey, who are those people with calm, well-behaved children? Can we judge them?
    The safety powers that be have co-opted my irrational brain so that insist that my children wear helmets (and, sometimes, I suggest to my son that I’d be happier if he wore a helmet all the time, like BD).
    But, the rational part of my brain wonders if demanding helmets on bikes contributes to childhood obesity (and the multiple resulting health consequences), especially for girls, who can have a hard time finding comfortable helmets to wear with their hair.

  4. My 12 year old daughter was riding a bike around our large driveway yesterday-without a helmet- when a man walking by said “Hey young lady, where is your helmet?” She answered in the house – less than 10 ft from her. He shot back that wouldn’t help when a car ran over her. In her own driveway.
    Please, people, you police your children, I’ll police mine. Having the wind whip your hair around once in awhile on a back is fun in a safe location.

  5. He shot back that wouldn’t help when a car ran over her. In her own driveway.
    Well, if a car came and ran over her in the driveway a helmet probably wouldn’t help anyway! I never wore a bike helmet when I was a kid (they hardly had them except for racing) but when I ride my bike now (not as often as I’d like, but not terribly rarely) I feel very uncomfortable without it. If you grow up with them you’re likely very comfortable with them. (My wife is the same with with helmets for horseback riding.) But surely small bits of riding in local areas are really not that big of a deal, and people should generally mind their own business.

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