Concrete, real stuff. On. The. Ground

Grandin "You know what working at the slaughterhouses does to you? It makes you look at your own mortality."

"When I was younger I was looking for this magic meaning of life.
It's very simple now," she says. Making the lives of others better,
doing "something of lasting value, that's the meaning of life, it's
that simple."

How about meaning, I ask. What's the picture for that word? "Ok, now
I'm seeing a mother saying your book helped my kid go to college—that's
meaning. Or my kid got a job because of one of your lectures—that's
meaning. Or a rancher comes up and says that piece of equipment works
really well—that's meaning. Concrete, real stuff. On. The. Ground."



One thought on “Concrete, real stuff. On. The. Ground

  1. “But she does credit her autism for her unique ability to relate to cattle.”
    There’s also an amusing typo in the paragraph about three-quarters through that begins “While she’s adamant…”

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