March or Oscar Madness? by Macaroni

by Macaroni

Basketball is not one of my favorite sports. I admit it. That said, I do like the prospects of friendly competition between myself and Pesto (my husband). Those brackets really get me excited and then choosing between state and private schools, akin to choosing between Democratic and Republican candidates.

Oscar 2

While my interest in basketball is feigned, my interest in the Oscars
isn't. This isn't just about the elegant evening gowns and sleek tuxes,
which bring pleasure to my eyes. For me the Oscars symbolize the joy that film brings–transporting me to another place, inducing intense feelings. (I commonly have to bring a lot of tissues….) Celebrating the Oscars has been fun, but arguably this wasn't the case when I first moved to NYC.

I was not raised in a film, let alone movie family. We never frequented the cinema. Too often I was out-of-the-loop on many conversations when it turned to film. Quickly I realized that New Yorkers like their films, and if I was going to stay I would quickly have to adopt this language. Adopt it I did! So much that I even taught a course on film and politics.

Since we lack a flat screen tv, Pesto and I will convene at a friend's home to watch the Oscars. We will "vote" using paper ballots. Of course to "maximize" your chances of being correct, this requires one view the top contenders. Unlike March Madness, I am obsessive about this. An unprecedented number of nominees appear in the "Best Film." To date I only have seen 4/10. In contrast, I am better prepared to cast a vote in the best female lead, having seeing 3/5 films. Since there are only 18 days left, I think I will likely only be able to squeeze in one or two more films.

Today's piece in the New York Times features gorgeous photography of the Oscar nominees Oscar Nominees.

Will you be watching the Oscars and/or March Madness? And, how well-versed are you?

10 thoughts on “March or Oscar Madness? by Macaroni

  1. Root for the underdog is my theme for both March Madness and the Oscars. Come to think of it, that philosophy works for most events I pay any attention to. And it removes any evaluative obligation; I don’t have to see any films or follow any teams.


  2. While in Durham, I learned that a staggeringly large percentage of the Duke support staff cheer for UNC at basketball. I also say Mike Dunleavy in church once.


  3. MH, I was a secret Carolina fan when I was at Duke! My excuse is that I was from the same hometown as one of the players in the mid 80s, so when I started following basketball, I was into Carolina.
    Macaroni, I’ve seen 8 of 10 Best Pic nominees. 2/5 Best Actor. 3/5 Best Actress. 1/5 Best Supp Actor and 3/5 Best Supp Actress. I’ve seen all 5 Best Director Nominees. I’m kind of movie crazy. 🙂
    I should probably see Crazy Heart, Blind Side and Invictus. I hear Crazy Heart is amazing, but I’m just not into down-on-their-luck old guy stories. I also skipped The Wrestler.


  4. I have a love/hate with the film industry. I was also an obsessive film viewer when I was younger, and still to this day I have a stacked NetFlix queue and will stay up late to watch old movies. (I’ve probably seen The French Connection twenty times because of this pattern.)
    However I’ve also seen the dark side. My film obsession was such that I actually lived with a screenwriter for a couple of years. (Our love of movies was one of our greatest shared interests.) But my exposure to the seamy underbelly of the industry via that screenwriter really ruined it for me. Also, as I get older, I have come to view the film industry and the Oscars as really destructive to the people who participate in them, especially the women.


  5. There is a reason why folks associated with Duke prefer the Tarheels. It’s because Carolina is on the side of goodness and light and Duke is, well, Duke.


  6. I think the difference is that the average UNC student is an over-privileged southerner and the average Duke student an over privileged Yankee and they preferred their own over-privileged youth.


  7. You know, it’s interesting, a survey of the 2006 incoming freshman class noted that 50% of the UNC student body had a family income of $50,000 or less. I know NC salaries are lower than those common in the northeast, but I would hardly classify that as overprivileged. I do not know the same numbers for Duke.


  8. Julie, I am certainly guilt of exaggeration. But at the time I was there, my job brought me into contact with the poorer strata of Durham’s population and, more rarely, into the trailer/tar paper shack rural areas. My social life brought me to Franklin Street near the UNC campus. The contrast was very great.


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