The Internet and Writing and the Foils on the Goddam Subway

Salingercatcher Susan Orleans and Kurt Anderson talk about the process of writing in an Internet Age. Orleans says she likes using the word count function to give herself daily goals, but that the Internet is a tempting distraction when she should be writing. Not terribly earth shattering, but I love hearing writers talk about writing.

Kieran Healy points to another writer who tells people to stop whining and just write.

There have been some wonderful things written about J.D. Salinger in the past week. Check out Lillian Ross and all the New Yorker links.

My dad's favorite passage of The Catcher in the Rye is:

We’d gone in to New York that morning for this fencing meet with
McBurney School. Only, we didn’t have the meet. I left all the foils
and equipment and stuff on the goddam subway. It wasn’t all my fault. I
had to keep getting up to look at this map, so we’d know where to get
off. So we got back to Pencey around two-thirty instead of around
dinnertime. The whole team ostracized me the whole way back on the
train. It was pretty funny, in a way.


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