National Geographic and Polygamy

Polygamy-615 Last month, Steve accidentally subscribed to National Geographic, instead of renewing the kids' subscription to National Geographic Kids. When I pulled the magazine out of the mailbox, I was puzzled. Steve always had old man tendencies, but National Geographic

On the cover was a picture of the polygamists in Texas. I've been fascinated with this group for a long time. We're hooked on Big Love and I got a little too caught up in the child bride issue last year. 

The article on polygamy is worth a read. The photographs are gorgeous. It's also interesting, because National Geographic usually discusses unique cultures abroad. This group is in our backyard.


5 thoughts on “National Geographic and Polygamy

  1. My problem with National Geographic magazines is, where do you store the old issues? They’re too nice to throw away, and it’s not like their news gets dated quickly, and so you always think someday you’ll have the time to get back to that cool-looking article on the canyons on the moon. Before you know it you’ve got a closet full of them, and they weigh a ton.

  2. You can’t throw them away. I remember hearing the story of a communist mole uncovered because an alert FBI agent noticed that he threw-away his National Geographic.

  3. Have subscribed to National Geographic on and off since I was in elementary school. And I do just throw them out. It was really hard to do at first, but life is too short, space is too limited, clutter is too psychologically costly. If you ever wanted to find an article you read, you can search online.

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