Haiti_crowds_672305a Did you call the Red Cross at 90999 and text "haiti"? It's super easy. Please do it.

Cash is best, please. 

Everyone is talking about Partners in Health. You can donate money here.


3 thoughts on “Donate!

  1. It’s probably better to just go the Red Cross website, if you guys are agnostic about the mechanism. Evidently texting means that there’s a delay of up to 90 days before the cash arrives. (Although they’re trying to shorten that and I think the RC is aware of the monies so can budget expecting a windfall…..)


  2. I’m with Wendy, and always get a bit dismayed at the hoopla about donations. But, it does get some people to give.
    In addition to giving, cash, you can 1) Try to convince your employer to give as well. A few law firms have announced matching donations. 2) Call your congressman and ask them what they’re planning on doing.
    Not the right thread, but I finally followed one of the links about Robertson. I’d assumed that the headlines had “made a pact with the devil” symbolically. But, following the links, I’m deducing that he meant it literally. Sometimes I’m shocked at the weirdness of my fellow human beings.


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