The Turntable

DSC_0018 Steve and I never dumped our record collection. Even after the last needle for the old college turntable died. We've just kept them on the shelf. Even my old Bat Out of Hell album. We're just that type of people. I love the large art format of the albums and hand written liner notes and even album sleeves.

Steve's Christmas present this year was a turntable with a USB port. He's super happy, because now he can upload his old Beatles albums and Bob Newhart albums. He spent the tail end of the Christmas vacation happily listening to Magical Mystery Tour and yelling at the kids for jumping around next to the turntable. "They just don't understand analog", he grumbled.


11 thoughts on “The Turntable

  1. We don’t have a single record in the house. I’ve only heard Bat Out of Hell on cassette, but I’ve heard it so many times that I still can’t forget the lyrics.

  2. There’s an excellent Bob Newhart double CD which I bought for my then-10-year old daughter a few years back (how, on earth, did she become a Bob Newhart fan without me and my wife noticing? Good question).
    Here it is.

  3. MH — very, very good (but you’ll understand why I might not send my daughter straight there to appreciate it).
    Sandra — yep, I’m as proud as can be. Actually, I find her rather scary.

  4. In 1999, I lost all my albums in a move. Well, lost is not quite the right word. My husband threw them all out rather than move them, and I could do nothing because I was 8.75 months pregnant and on bedrest at my mom’s while the move happened.
    I’m over it. Really. 🙂

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