Not Fabulous

It's New Year's Eve, and I'm not doing my hair and pulling out the party dress. I'm not standing in the cold drinking from a flask in Times Square. I'm not frantically calling friends to get everyone to show up at a particular bar at a particular time. I'm not worried that I could be at a slightly better party somewhere else.

I'm not going anywhere. We have one, very laid-back friend coming over. She's coming with her laptop, so we can all watch TV and read stuff on the Internet and do holiday cards at the same time. Our treat is take-out Thai food. 

I'm glad that we've outgrown the competitive fun years. I'm really burnt out from too much entertaining these past two weeks and just want to be quiet. I'm looking forward to drinking beers and watching Ryan Seacrest prattle on.

I'm such a grandma. Someone get me a Snuggie®!

12 thoughts on “Not Fabulous

  1. We have a kids-friendly First Night, with jugglers and magicians and stuff. Now, we’re living through the vicarious excitement of letting the older two Raggirls stay up until midnight together for the first time.
    TV is locked on the Disney Channel, which is having some sort of Battle of the Network Stars rip-off as they count down.


  2. Happy New Year from Sydney – it’s most of the way through our New Year’s day now, and I think it’s just past midnight for you.
    We’re lucky in Sydney that because NYE is so huge, they put on special fireworks at 9 pm for families – which we watched and then made our way home through the drunken revellers waiting for midnight.
    Thanks for all your writing this year. I’ve enjoyed it, even though I mostly lurk.


  3. And greetings from HST, where we just finished our assuredly non-fabulous celebration. Though, admitedly, everything is kind of fabulous under palm trees in balmy tropical climes.
    Thanks for all the writing and conversation.


  4. Hawaiian Standard Time. And indeed, y’all should be properly jealous. But, we watched the Disney channel countdown to stay up ’till midnight. So definitely not fabulous.


  5. I think we’re all pretty fabulous, even if we are just sitting around in our T-shirts drinking wine, marveling at the human calamity that is Glenn Beck, and fantasizing about yurt living.


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