The Nutcracker

Oh, it was so good.

2 thoughts on “The Nutcracker

  1. Blah- I had the nutcracker. In Russia it’s not thought of as a specifically holiday ballet so the most boring 2 hours in theater are not thrust on people every year. (I had a good friend involved in a production in NYC so had to see way more of it than any sane person would want.) I guess it’s okay if it gets some people interested in Ballet, but I suspect it’s as likely to have the opposite effect as anything. At least with going to the Nutcracker you can know well in advance that it will be full of kids who can’t sit through such a thing and so not be annoyed by it. (Unlike the people I wanted to murder for taking their kids to see The Magic Flute at the Met, whose kids kicked the seats and said “dad, what’s that? What’s happening” all through the whole thing, and were not told to be quite, but were instead given a running commentary.) Really, though, I hate the nutcracker. It’s ballet for people who don’t like ballet.


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