Gift Guide 6 – Toys for Boys

  1. Super Mario 64 DS

  2. Ravensburger Puzzle Ball Globe

  3. Snap Circuits SC-300 
  4. LEGO Pirates Brickbeard's Bounty

  5. Drawn to Life The Next Chapter

Lego pirate ship Snap Super mario bros Drawn to life wii Puzzle ball

9 thoughts on “Gift Guide 6 – Toys for Boys

  1. I love, love, love the Snap Circuits but beware! Parts will go missing and wires will be bent if they play with it without supervision.
    As to Legos, the Space Police is all the rage in our house.
    We’ve also discovered audio books (my boys are 7, 6 and 4). The older ones love them, so this year they’ll get a CD-player for their room because if I hear Robin Hood die one more time, I’ll be wielding knifes…
    Marya, all these are great for girls who like that sort of stuff. I mean, I play with the Snap Circuits (although I hate Mario). And Legos rule.


  2. Great list- we have the Snap Circuits and both my kids ( one boy,7y, and one girl,9) love it.Good suggestion to supervise that one tho- we do it together and have not lost any pieces.
    The globe looks cool.
    As well, both my kids love Mario.


  3. Also, Claudia, if you check back in here,can you list some of the audiobooks your boys like? My son is getting a CD player for Christmas and I’d love ideas on that.


  4. My pleasure, but… See, we’re mixed German/US, so lots of our audiobooks are German. They definitely prefer mysteries with child detectives (especially the Three Investigators but I’m afraid they are only available in German.)
    The US audio books my kids like are the Magic Treehouse series (you can buy those on iTunes), Dr. Seuss (If I ran the zoo is VERY popular), and Read & Listen books (from DK classics, e.g. Robin Hood).
    Hope this helped a bit!


  5. Have I plugged this already? But, is a fabulous source, for public domain audio books. Lots of out of copyright books (the Oz series, Montgomery, Verne, Alcott, . . . ) are available for free, read by volunteer readers. Not all of the recordings are perfect, but there’s an enormous amount that is great.


  6. Thank you for this post! Got the Snap Circuits for the 10-year old nephew that we see once a year. Turns out that he’d been bugging his parents for a set for a long time, and we even got in some honest uncle-nephew collaboration after it was opened…
    (Plus, it meant we sort of won Christmas, at the grown-up level of managing to buy appropriate presents for children we don’t actually know all that well — we’d signaled “Thomas” to the relatives for our daughter, but got a motley assortment of duplicates and incompatible cars…)


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