The Tiger Saga Continues

-2 I can't turn away from the unfolding Tiger Woods drama. The bimbo eruption continues. (The NY Post refers to one of them as the "Flapjack Floozy.") The cops didn't test him for drugs and alcohol the night of his crash, even though his wife said that he had been drinking and popping vicodin. He reportedly paid his wife a pile of cash to stay with him. (Have the feminist bloggers tackled this one? Seems right up their alley.) This morning, a blond woman was taken away in an ambulance from the Woods residence.


2 thoughts on “The Tiger Saga Continues

  1. I like ‘flapjack floozy’, it’s great. I’d like to associate myself with MH in the Tubby Middle-Aged White Guys caucus (we’re the TMAWGs!) – I think it’s been good for my marriage that there’s not a constant rain of panties on my windshield thrown by tall beautiful women with large-but-remarkably-perky breasts. Virtue is easier if it’s not constantly challenged, is what I am saying, and mine has been challenged only rarely.


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