The Bling Ring Einsteins

ArticleInline-1A group of teenagers, known as the Bling Ring, were able rip off millions from celebrities. The teenagers used the Internet to locate the addresses of the stars and the gossip websites to find out when the celebrities were out at parties. The celebrities didn't make it too hard for them. One thief said, “Paris left her front key under the mat…Not to mention she left her safe open.”

2 thoughts on “The Bling Ring Einsteins

  1. The Internet really changed a lot in terms of breaking down the barriers between “real” people and Hollywood people. I wanted spoilers, not bling, and the Internet made it so freakin’ easy because for the longest time, people didn’t understand that the Internet isn’t really private. To this day Joss Whedon is still scratching his head and wondering how people on the Internet knew so much.


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