Who Doesn’t Have Food on the Table?

GR2009111601601 The Washington Post reports that 49 million people did not have dependable access to food last year. They also report,

In 2008, the report found, nearly 17 million children — more than one
in five across the United States — were living in households in which
food at times ran short, up from slightly more than 12 million
youngsters the year before. And the number of children who sometimes
were outright hungry rose from nearly 700,000 to almost 1.1 million.

One thought on “Who Doesn’t Have Food on the Table?

  1. I’m watching our district’s annual reports to see what happened to the percentage of children receiving reduced/free lunch.
    I have become a big fan of those groups that step up to provide meals to families during school holidays. And I’m glad that the funding for school breakfasts has not gone away. Sometimes I wish that there was some way at 5pm to teach “starving” 3d graders that they have classmates who don’t eat between school lunch and school breakfast.


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