Jonah’s New Specs

Now he can see the leaves on the trees.


8 thoughts on “Jonah’s New Specs

  1. I got glasses when I was 8 and that’s exactly what I remember about getting them: seeing the leaves on the trees, and the particles of gravel, etc., in the sidewalk. The idea that other people always saw them was a revelation to me.

  2. Me, too, the leaves, the signs, and that other people could see those things. And, I was older 10, maybe, when I finally got glasses.
    But, boy, is this little man gorgeous. I hope you’re teaching him well so that he’ll treat all those hearts that are going to be entrusted into his care with kindness (and I speak as the mother of a daughter).

  3. His glasses look to be exactly the same frames that our oldest daughter has. (I hope that fact doesn’t raise any concerns on his part.) Looking good, Jonah!
    My wife got her first pair of glasses–around age 9 or 10–soon after her family moved from California to Utah. After she put them on, the story goes that she spent the car ride home talking about the mountains. “I can see mountains everywhere!” She hadn’t been able to see them clearly before. What a strange, wonderful moment it must be for a child.

  4. The first time we drove to Colorado (I was maybe five) and I saw the mountains in the distance, I thought it was some kind of freaky cloud. That something like the Rockies actually existed never occured to me.

  5. Funny– my parents report that those were my first words upon donning the new glasses, “The Leaves! The leaves on the trees!” Also, it depicted the difference between two teachers I had had in grade school, one of which said that I was a poor student, and the other said I should have my vision checked.

  6. He is a cutie-pie, isn’t he? I’m trying hard to raise him right. We’re going to sign up for a mom-son cooking class. Maybe I can get him to sign up for a dad-son pick up your dirty socks class.
    JMT, my dad is still pissed off at an old nun who told him in third grade that he would never amount to anything.

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