Spell Much?

Spell? Jon Gosselin was on the Larry King Show yesterday explaining why he barred TLC from filming his kids. He is suddenly squeamish about his kids appearing on a reality show. And it absolutely has NOTHING to do with the fact that TLC has decided to change the name of the show to Kate Plus Eight and not Jon and Kate Plus Eight or even Jon and Kate and Jon's Trampy Women and Some Kids

I just loved the sign that he hung outside his house.

Clearly I'm avoiding work.

3 thoughts on “Spell Much?

  1. I remember when Kate objected to a woman he had brought in as a babysitter when HE was at home. She was told that she didn’t have the right to object.
    Now, suddenly, when he’s the aggrieved party, he gets to call the shots. Not only is he a jerk, he’s a clearly uneducated jerk!


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